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Venture Werks Overview

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I am currently serving as the COO of Thabble, an Internet of Things startup that offers a turnkey real-time tracking system that any business can afford. My role is to assist the CEO in bring the solution to market which is primarily involves business development efforts.

I am also running Venture Werks, a “single shingle” practice that focuses on early stage to mid-market companies. I help leadership get unstuck by tackling critical issues. I founded Venture Werks in 1999 and have operated this firm several times over the past fifteen years.

In the 1990s I founded and served variously as the President, Chairman, COO and CTO of Apartments.com. After a venture capital phase, I spearheaded the sale of Apartments.com to a consortium of newspaper companies that combined to form Classified Ventures. Apartments.com remains one of the top 10 trafficked real estate web sites on the Internet. Apartments.com sold in March, 2014 for $585 million.

Besides Venture Werks and Apartments.com, I founded three other companies. I started ProJan Services to bring to the facility services market an innovative concrete floor improvement and polishing service. I founded aNeoVoice to offer voice applications that allowed callers to interact with web site forms, effectively turning the telephone into a web site control without requiring any site re-coding. Make Baby Laugh! was an award-winning media company that produced videos and music that entertained very young children while teaching parents techniques to bond with their kids through laughter.

Through Venture Werks I was engaged to design and develop a complex tracking and billing system under a interim COO role with Liquidus Media. This led to my being employed by Liquidus for two additional years. I served first as COO and then, EVP of sales and business development.

I earned my BS in engineering from Michigan State University. Upon graduation I spent 10 years working with what is now Accenture. After three years consulting large clients, I began working on projects that I secured. This ability to bring in new business led to a two year assignment in Indonesia where I managed the Jakarta office and helped introduce Accenture's culture and business practices. For most of 2011 I was with OneAccord, a interim leadership consultancy that focuses on helping small to mid-market business with revenue challenges.

I have sat on a number of private company boards including Renti, ProJan Services, Liquidus, aNeoVoice, Make Baby Laugh!, MediaMixNet and Visual Properties (the predecessor to Apartments.com). I've given university lectures and been a part of a number of entrepreneurial panel discussions, including a recurring role at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. I have also contributed to several Angel organizations in the Midwest.

In my spare time, I love to read, golf, ski, play water and racket sports and basketball. I also coach kid's baseball and wrestling and am happily married with two awesome kids.