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Venture Werks Overview

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As concisely as possible and in chronological order, the following summarizes the experience I bring to my work.

Venture Werks Experience

Since 1999, I have provided interim leadership to well over a dozen businesses. No two were alike and my roles varied from interim president to the interim director of the Center for Continuous Innovation to heading up national account sales. Each role expanded my understanding of business and how to rapidly contribute real value. Engagements where I served for more than six month include:

  • Thabble LLC (Internet of Things)
  • AdEquityVentures (Venture Capital)
  • UXFactory (Internet Consulting)
  • Dirt+H2O (Nutritional Products)
  • Sundar Industries (Cleantech)
  • Clean♦Polish (Facility Management).
  • Liquidus (TV, Internet & Mobile Media).
  • Scribe (Healthcare).
  • XOR (Internet Consulting).
  • Luxelar (Human-Computer Interface Technology).
  • MediaMixNet (Online Media Planning).
  • MovingStation.com (Real Estate Services).

ProJan Services

OneAccord is an interim leadership firm comprised of seasoned CEO's, business owners and entrepreneurs that know how to run businesses. Each principal has deep operating experience driving top-line revenues. Qualities that set OneAccord apart include:

  • Laser focus on rapidly devising and then executing initiatives that change the trajectory of business' top-line revenues.
  • Absolute truth and compassion...OneAccord principals begin by finding and communicating the truth and facilitating solutions with skill, integrity and empathy.
  • The understanding that fully resolving any revenue challenge requires a precise application of assessment, analysis, leadership, process all coupled with a creative touch.

ProJan Services

With ProJan Services I handled all business functions except operations and project management, serving as the CEO and head of sales. Key accomplishments/experience gained include:

  • Established identity, branding, web presence, sales strategy, collateral and business essentials (financials, phone, SFA, etc.) inside of four weeks.
  • Devised innovative visual sales control tool that leveraged Google Maps and configured Highrise CRM to support cloud based sales force automation.
  • Secured first revenue in eight weeks with very modest up-front investment.
  • Built near half-million dollar pipeline inside three months.
  • Expanded offering/enhanced sales efficiency by establishing key relationship with a complimentary service provider.

Liqudus Media

Liquidus engaged me as their interim COO which led to my taking on the role full time. Lacking adequate traction in sales, I moved to head up Liquidus' sales and business development group. Key accomplishments/experience gained include:

  • Designed and led the development of complex Video On Demand ("VOD") advertising production tracking and billing system.
  • Performed forensic audit of financials that provided the foundation for establishing the economics for long-term contracts with nation's largest cable company.
  • Took full ownership of the structuring, drafting and the successful negotiation of a complex, multi-year, multi-million dollar contract.
  • Led business development activities securing enabling senior executive relationships with top 10 cable operators in US and Canada.
  • Devised and implemented the sales and business development strategy resulting in tripling revenue-producing customer base in less than twelve months.
  • Set strategy, recruited and managed a distributed national sales force, including implementing and operating Liquidus' first SFA solution.


At aNeoVoice I managed all business functions, sales as well as (too) much of the voice application development and operations work. Key accomplishments/experience gained include:

  • Established identity, branding, web presence, sales strategy, collateral and business essentials (financials, phone, SFA, etc.)
  • Led sales effort that rapidly secured first customer, a multi-billion dollar car rental company, establishing the validity of the business innovation/model.
  • Secured all other revenue-producing customers and managed customer relations.
  • Developed first-to-market Medicare Part D voice application offering that was purchased by a leading pharmacy benefits management company.
  • Established voice application development and production outsourced services for start-up that allowed physicians to earn CME credit via the phone.

Make Baby Laugh!

I founded Make Baby Laugh! ("MBL") shortly after the birth of my first child. Working with one full time contractor, I produced award-winning children's videos and music CDs. Key accomplishments/experience gained include:

  • Led all creative efforts (identity, product structure, theme, etc.).
  • Executive produced three videos and three full-length music CDs.
  • Secured and negotiated distribution agreements with a leading Hollywood distribution company.
  • Engaged public relations organization that led to first video becomming a Parenting Magazine Video of the Year recipient.
  • Storyboarded and designed video animations and learned video production including editing with Apple's Final Cut.
  • Negotiated the long-term licensing of all MBL products to an early childhood media company.


In 1992 I founded my first business, Visual Properties. When this business was sold to Classified Ventures in 1997 it was rebranded Apartments.com. Key accomplishments and experiences include:

  • Defined vision, set strategy and spearheaded growth to a 150 person business that operates nationally to this day.
  • Managed and developed two entirely separate software platforms over seven years, one client-server, one Internet-based.
  • Developed the memorandum, pro forma models, financials and then sourced and secured a $5 million venture capital funding.
  • Negotiated the sale of the business to Classified Ventures.
  • Served as COO post-sale leading a comprehensive process reengineering of Apartments.com's entire web ad fulfillment function that reduced headcount, eliminated backlogs and cut time to revenue.
  • Led a team responsible for consolidating back office platforms (e.g., ERP) across Classified Ventures key verticals (cars, homes and apartments).


I began my career with what was then known as Arthur Andersen's Management Information Consulting Division. In the 10 years I worked there, I honed the skills and gained the confidences that led to my founding Apartments.com. Key accomplishments/experience gained include:

  • Developed highly disciplined project management skills.
  • Learned online/batch processing protocols and methodologies as well as comprehensive systems design and development.
  • Gained initial experience building lucrative Federal and State government relationships, my first experience with sales.
  • Spent two years based in Jakarta Indonesia securing relationships with multinational banks and international joint ventures.
  • Developed keen analytical and "out of the box" thinking that led to new and extended engagements within three years of joining the Firm.