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Dean Rutter CV

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Venture Werks is a small firm consisting of, basically, me, Dean Rutter. I have operated Venture Werks periodically since founding the business in 1999. I offer businesses the bandwidth needed to overcome their most important business challenges and the boundless energy to get things done quickly in a way that delivers consistently positive results.

I bring a valuable combination of skills and experiences to any small to mid-sized business, early stage or startup company. I have founded five businesses and have helped run a wide variety of companies for over 30 years so I understand business growth, owners, entrepreneurs and founders very well. I have also raised private and institutional capital, secured bank financing, invested and have sat on private company boards - so I understand investors. I have had notable successes, along with a number of mistakes, and these experiences can help you.

My approach to helping is simple. I start by figuring out how to energize revenue and then do whatever is most critical to move a business forward. I don't simply provide analysis or say whatever is needed to extend my engagement, I help leadership understand their hard truths and take responsibility for implementing the changes that enhance overall success. If you have a company with revenues or funding, please call or drop me an email so we can talk.